10 Best Kitchen Chimneys In India

As the lady of the house, you spend most of your time in the kitchen. Whether it is preparing a light meal for a small family dinner or an elaborate feast for your guests. Therefore, your kitchen must be capable of supporting you in every way possible. Among all the available kitchen appliances, your chimney can truly make your life easier. So, here’s a list of 10 best kitchen chimneys in India that can keep your house and its furniture free from lingering kitchen smells.

Best Kitchen Chimney in india

These top 10 best chimneys in kitchen designs are selected depending upon their features, functionality, as well as the price and discount which their sellers are offering. While not every chimney is designed to fit your requirements, you are sure to find a couple to match your expectations. Also, each of these reviews is concluded with a video link to help you get a more in-depth understanding of that product. Also we suggest you to read Chimney Buyers Guide at the end of this article to get better idea of what exactly you need.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

1. Elica 60cm Auto Clean Chimney


  • 60 cm wall mount kitchen chimney
  • 2 Baffle filters
  • Stylish touch control panel
  • Airflow up to 1200m³/hr

The stylish Elica 60cm chimney is a true work of art for your kitchen. The sleek kitchen chimney is easy to maintain and filled with must-have features. It allows airflow up to 1200m³/hr, making it probably the best chimney for kitchen in India. 

The chimney keeps your home free of any harmful fumes and smoke during the cooking process. Further, the stainless steel baffle filter comes with manual as well as an auto-cleaning facility ensuring that the chimney works efficiently at all times.

The easy to use control panel includes easy-to-use LED switches. You can adjust the chimney airflow mode depending on your requirements. Additionally, the LED light is situated right above your cook top to ensure that you receive optimum light during the cooking process.

Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney Review (Video)

  • This Elica chimney model is energy efficient. In other words, its airflow displacement is at 1200 cubic feet every minute whereas, its power consumption is only 180 watts.
  • Auto and manual clean baffle filter.
  • Bright overhead LED lamps for easy cooking.
  • The chimney comes with a glass component that is not covered under warranty.
  • Not suitable for more than a 2 burner cooking range.

2. Hindware 90 cm Auto Clean Chimney


  • 90 cm wall mount kitchen chimney
  • Baffle filter
  • Auto-clean feature
  • Airflow up to 1200m³/hr

Hindware makes some of the best kitchen chimneys in India. The combination of glass and steel in the chimney’s design offers to increase the style quotient of your kitchen area. Not forget the 1200m³/hr suction power making sure that you have a pleasant and smoke-free cooking experience. Although the appliance comes with this excellent suction power, it is relatively noise-free.

This kitchen chimney is fairly noise-free and comes with modern LED lamps that highlight your cooking range extremely well.

Like most other kitchen chimney’s in this category, the Hindware 90 cm Nevio comes with 3 modes of fan speed intensity.

However, as one of the best features, this kitchen chimney comes with an easy to maintain baffle filter and an oil collector cup making it perfect for Indian kitchens.

  • A perfect option for cooking stoves ranging from single burner to up to 5 burners.
  • Displaces excellent amount of grease particles while maintaining low noise
  • Low energy consumption at 180 watts with high-performance output.
  • The filter requires frequent cleaning otherwise, the chimney is prone to rust.

3. Hindware 60cm Auto Clean Chimney


  • 60cm stylish kitchen chimney
  • Baffle filter
  • Auto-clean feature
  • Airflow up to 1200m³/hr

The most prominent difference between Hindware’s 60cm and 90cm (reviewed above) is the size. At 60 cm, this Hindware Nevio kitchen chimney is suitable for a stove with dual-burner or small burner tops. This kitchen chimney will not cover a 3-5 burner top stove.

Apart from this characteristic difference, the Hindware 60cm is good value for money. It comes with the same features and suction capacity as the 90 cm variant. Additionally, the thermal auto-cleaning feature ensures that you cook in a kitchen that is free of smoke and harmful fumes.

  • Powerful chimney in a smaller size
  • Excellent display panel
  • Powerful LED lamps for a better cooking experience.
  • This kitchen chimney can seem a bit noisy for its size.

4. Eurodomo 60cm Auto Clean Chimney


  • 60 cm free-standing kitchen chimney
  • Baffle filter that requires cleaning once in 6 months
  • Auto-cleaning feature is available along with a manual option
  • Airflow up to 1200m³/hr

Eurodomo chimneys are famous for their smart looks and solid designs. And, Eurodomo Classy HC TC 60 is no exception. As a free-standing chimney, this appliance enhances the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen area.

This perfectly crafted kitchen chimney is suitable for heavy frying and cooking. Further, the low maintenance baffle filters are effective in dragging up any smoke or oil particles ensuring that there are no residual particles floating around.

As a company that offers the best kitchen chimneys in India, the Eurodomo product comes with a touch control panel and strong LED lights making it a must-have kitchen appliance.

  • One of the most affordable options in this category
  • Dashing looks and stylish finish
  • Low maintenance baffle filter
  • Suitable only for a 2 burner or a 4 burner stove-top

5. Elica 60cm Chimney


  • 60 cm wall mount kitchen chimney
  • Single Baffle filter
  • Wall mount Chimney
  • Airflow up to 1100m³/hr

If you are considering a kitchen chimney for a small burner (2-4) stove and you do extensive deep-frying and heavy cooking, then this Elica model is perfect for your requirements.

The smart and affordable chimney comes in 2 color variants – black and silver. Further, the stainless steel baffle filter ensures optimum function and low maintenance.

The sleek LED control panel of modern kitchen chimneys is missing and what you get is a push-button control panel. However, this feature is still easy-to-use and makes the appliance more affordable than its counterparts. The chimney also includes 2 bright lights to help you cook without any hassle.

  • Price affordability is the biggest advantage of this kitchen chimney
  • A sleek and efficient design
  • Low maintenance baffle filter.
  • Luxurious features like LED control panels are missing.
  • Slightly lower in suction power in comparison to other chimneys in this list.

6. Faber 60cm Auto Clean Chimney


  • 60 cm wall mount kitchen chimney
  • Touch and gesture control
  • Filterless with single baffle filter
  • Airflow up to 1200m³/hr

Faber is a pioneer of kitchen chimneys in India. Their products are sturdy, reliable, and sophisticated. This 60cm auto clean kitchen chimney is no exception to this rule.

The chimney comes with a filterless single baffle filter ensuring optimum performance and effective smoke reduction. Additionally, the filter comes with an auto-cleaning feature which means that you save your precious time from this tedious task.

The extended curved glass in the design offers additional coverage so that no smoke or oil particle escapes the powerful suction.

Further, the high capacity motor combines with metal blowers make it a perfect option for a kitchen area that is used to heavy frying. The touch control panel is a class apart and works excellently.

  • Low noise levels
  • Touch and had controlling features
  • The kitchen chimney has metal blowers
  • An expensive option considering it is not a 90cm appliance.

7. Elica 90cm Filterless Auto Clean Chimney


  • 90 cm filterless kitchen chimney
  • Auto-clean baffle filter
  • Motion sensor for easy use
  • Airflow up to 1200m³/hr

The sensible and intelligent design of this chimney will take away all your smoke-related kitchen problems. With its curved extended glass design, you can cover an area well beyond the 90cm range. This will help in keeping your kitchen free of any smoke or unwanted pollutants.

The motion sensor makes it an extremely easy-to-operate kitchen appliance that is meant to make your life simpler.

The kitchen chimney comes with the filterless technology, meaning that you get a better suction power at the same rate and operational cost as most other chimneys in this category. The bright and powerful LED lams are not just functional but enhance the appeal of this kitchen chimney.

  • Excellent filter-less suction power and high-quality metal blower
  • Auto-cleaning for low maintenance
  • Motion sensor and touch LED panel
  • Cost is the biggest disadvantage, especially if you can do without extra features like motion-sensor technology and touch LED panel.

8. Seavy 90cm Auto Clean Chimney


  • 90 cm wall mount kitchen chimney
  • Auto-cleaning dual baffle filters
  • Touch panel and motion sensor
  • Airflow up to 1200m³/hr

As a trustworthy and well-known brand, Seavy kitchen appliances are one of the most popular ones in the market today. This particular model offers 90cm coverage above the stove area making it suitable for all home burner stoves.

Additionally, the immense suction power and the well-made baffle filter make sure that all oil particles and smoky fumes escape the kitchen area the moment you begin cooking. This makes it ideal for medium or large kitchens.

The motion sensor is a good-to-have feature that increases the comfort quotient of this appliance.

  • Heat enabled auto-cleaning for hasslefree use.
  • Motion sensor appliance for added convenience
  • Excellent suction performance
  • Remarkable price for the number of features.
  • This kitchen chimney might seem like an over-kill for smaller kitchen spaces.

9. Inalsa 60cm Pyramid Chimney


  • 60 cm wall mount kitchen chimney
  • Stainless steel baffle filters
  • Airflow up to 1050m³/hr

If the price is your main concern, then this Inalsa product is the best chimney for Indian kitchen. The chimney comes with all the basic features that you require in an Indian kitchen environment. Additionally, the baffle filters are easy to use and maintain. They don’t require weekly cleaning and are extremely effective.

Despite its archaic features, the kitchen chimney comes in a black powder-coated finish that makes it suitable for any color kitchen.

Since this is a 60 cm appliance, it works best when installed above a dual burner or a 4-burner stove. This kitchen chimney is not suitable for 3 or 5 burner stove tops. The lack of a curved glass feature will allow smoke to escape in wider stove tops.

  • Comes with all the basic features
  • Strong LED lights to match the pyramid design
  • The best kitchen chimney price in India.
  • Outdated design and lower suction capability.

10. Glen 60cm Pyramid Chimney


  • 60 cm kitchen chimney
  • Dual baffle filter
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Airflow up to 1000m³/hr

This classic pyramid baffle filter kitchen chimney comes with push-button control features that are easy to operate and use. Due to a low suction power at 1000m³/hr, the chimney is an energy-efficient variant if you are worried about the cost of operations. At 155 watts, this is the best chimney for Indian kitchens with low cooking requirements.

The size and suction capacity of this Glen product make it an ideal option for a twin burner kitchen stove especially if you don’t deep-fry food extensively.

The 40-watt lamps are sufficient for cooking though not as bright as their LED variants.

  • Once again, the price is the most prominent feature in this Glen kitchen chimney
  • Classic looks and powder-coated finish
  • Perfect for small kitchen areas with less frequent cooking requirements.
  • Low in suction power and limited modern features.

Buyers Guide To Select The Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Chimney has become an essential feature in any Indian household. However, selecting the best chimney in India is no joke. With so many players claiming their kitchen chimneys at the best brands in India it is easy to get confused and end up with the wrong product.

Therefore, it is important to understand the purpose of this appliance. The kitchen chimney keeps your home safe by absorbing harmful smoke and fumes from your kitchen. Therefore, it is important to select one carefully to ensure that your home remains clean and smoke-free while you enjoy the best cooking experience.

Consider the following points before buying your chimney and you will end up with the right appliance for your kitchen.

Chimney Filter Type

Chimney filters can be made from different materials offering different filtering processes. These are the 3 broad categories for kitchen chimneys.

●    Baffle Filter

Chimneys with baffle filters are considered ideal for Indian kitchens. This is mainly because of the design of the filter.

Baffle Filter

The baffle filter has a set of curve structures. When cooking passes through these structures, they trap the grease and heavy smoke particles making sure that the chimney suction is not affected.

This is the most popular type of chimney filter that is used in restaurants and kitchen hotels. Further, it is easy to maintain and requires a wash every 2 to 3 months.

●    Cassette Filter

Cassette filter is a set of aluminum mesh sheets that are piled one on top of another. This design in the mesh allows air to pass through while trapping grease and smoke particles.

Cassette Filter

Cassette filters require regular washing because if they get over-clogged then they reduce the chimney’s suction capacity. Weekly cleaning in warm water and mind detergent will maintain its functionality.

●    Carbon Filter

Carbon filters are made up of black charcoal. You can use these along with cassette or baffle filters as they help absorb odor. Additionally, this type of filter can’t be cleaned.

Carbon Filter

Carbon filters must be replaced every 6 months or so to maintain effective suction power of your chimney. Carbon filters are ideal for chimneys without external ducts.

Chimney Suction Power

Normally, kitchen chimney suction power ranges from 400m3/hr to 1000m3/hr. The intensity of suction power depends on the area that you want to cover.

For example, if you have a medium-sized home with 2 or 3 rooms, then a chimney with suction power up to 650m3/hr is sufficient. However, if you have an open kitchen plan or a large kitchen area, then a chimney with suction power up to 1000m3/hr is ideal.

Chimney Suction Power

You can also use a simple formula to calculate if your chimney can change the air 10 times every hour or not. Calculate the volume of your kitchen (V=LxBxH) and multiply that number with 10. You will arrive at the minimum suction power that you need to have an effective kitchen chimney.

Chimney Design

Home kitchen chimneys come in 2 styles:

●    Convectional

If a smoke-free house is your top priority, then convectional chimneys are a more practical option. This also makes them a popular choice among most Indian kitchens.

Convectional chimneys are made in a ‘straight-line’ model using stainless steel. These chimneys offer an ideal combination of good performance and affordable price.

●    Contemporary

Contemporary chimneys are more popular for their designer looks. These hang very well in a modular kitchen set up and enhance the style quotient of the area.

Chimney Size

The size of your kitchen chimney should match the size of your kitchen stove or hob. The chimney should be able to cover the hob and capture any smoke or grease particles that come out when you cook.

The kitchen chimney can be bigger in size than your stove or hob, however, it should never be smaller in measurements.

Chimney Ducting

Chimneys come with ducting and without ducting as well. Chimneys with ducting help release the smoke and grease filled cooking air via a vent outside. It keeps your kitchen home free of any smoke.

Chimneys without ducting require a carbon filter that cleans the smoky air of odor and pollutants and circulates it back in the room. However, the carbon filter replacement is a recurring expense.

Chimneys with ducting are cheaper in comparison to chimneys without ducting. However, if you require lengthy ducting then your overhead costs can increase.


There are numerous contenders for the title of ‘Best Kitchen Chimneys in India’. However, as you would have noticed during the course of this article, the suitability of a kitchen chimney is subjective. In other words, your unique requirements will determine the best kitchen chimney in India for you.

The market is filled with numerous brands and product variants. While more mature brands are producing newer variants and versions with high-tech features, newer players are entering markets with competitive prices. So, the decision-making process can seem to be that much more complicated.

While the price of chimney for kitchen will remain a decisive factor, it should not compromise the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the appliance. So make sure that you decide on a chimney design for kitchen before you shortlist any contenders. And while you do that, list down what you expect from the appliance. Also, read enough reviews and watch multiple video blogs before you decide on which kitchen chimney is most suited for your requirements.

Lastly, the kitchen appliances are supposed to make our life easier. So, as a thumb rule, always select efficient appliances that require low maintenance. Follow these tips and you will surely end up with the best chimney for Indian kitchen. We would love to hear your experience with any of these kitchen chimneys. Do not forget to leave a note in the comments section below.

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