Top 9 Best Induction Cooktop in India

In the modern era, Induction Cooktop is the best alternative source of cooking gas by providing some easy to use and useful features for Indian kitchen. In this article, we are going to describe about the Top 9 Best Induction Cooktop in India which will help you to find the best suit for you. So let’s get started.

Best Induction Cooktop in India

With compare to gas burner, induction cooktop prepare foods in lower time and so, It’s a good option if you want to save energy and to prevent heating in your kitchen. You must watch out for the things like budget, positives and lock etc. while buying the Best Induction Cooktop in India.

Top 9 Best Induction Cooktop in India

1. Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 Induction Cooktop

The brand Philips claims the technique used by them makes your life ultra modern. Also they claims that these products provide healthy and quality life and believe that they create the kind of products about which the consumer can’t even think.

This 2100 watt induction cooktop contains 0 to 3 hours timer settings which produce the food dish in a quick time. It is especially made for Indian cooking, which weighs only 2.8 Kgs and thus can be carried away anywhere so conveniently. Owing to the auto switch feature, it shuts down automatically after the work done. It is necessary to press cooking mode button after the induction turns on, otherwise it turns off automatically.


  • Best for Indian kitchens
  • Touch Start for ease of use
  • Timer settings 0 to 3 hours
  • Auto shut off feature for food safety
  • Keeps surface cool
  • Cooking mode button
  • 1 year warranty

2. Prestige PIC 6.0 V3 Induction Cooktop With Touch Panel

Prestige is one of the top brands in kitchen products. This brand produces the kitchenware like pressure cooker, non stick cookware, gas stove, microwave oven, induction cooktop etc. This brand also won so many awards for their superior product series.

Prestige cooktop works in a most accomplished manner. This power saving product contains soft touch button, voltage regulator and cooling system, which precisely cook the foods. The design of this model prevents the insects to roll in. It has child lock facility, so it is safe for children as well.


  • Touch control panel
  • Best for Indian foods
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Saves the electricity
  • Lower in weight
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dual heat sensors for optimised heating

3. Havells Insta Cook PT Induction Cooktop

According the makers of this product, they are also the owner of some other brands such as Lloyd, Crabtree, Standard Electric & Promptekk. They also ensure their consumer for the best quality and services provided by them.

This cooktop have different cooking modes and also the different temperatures to be set. It contains 6 cooking modes: Idli, Dhosa, milk/tea, manual and frying. You may set the timer for up to 3 hours. It looks so elegant which makes your kitchen beautiful.


  • One touch operation
  • 6 cooking mode
  • Power control
  • Auto shut off feature
  • 1600 watts power

4. Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 Induction Cooktop

The brand Bajaj is also very reputed and reliable brand in India since many years. Since they creates so many kind of home appliances and electrical equipment since many years, they became a real trustworthy brand.

In this cooktop, you may set timer and temperature as you wish. It consumes 1900 watt power, so we can say that it saves energy. It doesn’t start until you put a vessel on this device., but starts only after you make the settings. This product contains 1 year warranty.


  • 8 preset menu
  • Power switch
  • Auto shut off
  • Timer and temperature control
  • 1 year warranty

5. Preethi Trendy Plus 116 Induction Cooktop

Earlier this brand producing only small mixer grinders and then upgraded to produce other kitchen appliances. Now they produce appliances with new technologies. This brand creates many products such as cooler, electric pressure cooker, coffee maker etc.

Regarding this induction cooktop, it has all touch functions. It has a big heating base, which makes food efficiently. Compare to all other induction cooktop, it has long wires. It consumes 1600 watts electricity and sells with 1 year warranty.


  • One touch menu
  • Large heating base to accommodate vessels with larger base
  • Longer wire cord length for convenience
  • Warranty: 1 year on product

6. Usha Cook Joy (3616) Induction Cooktop

Usha is very well known brand across India since many years. This brand produces many products like fan, cooler, sewing machine etc. They are also exports these products in various other countries.

It shut off automatically after cook the food. The induction starts only after putting vessel. It has 5 preset menus and consumes 1600 watt electricity. The best part of this product is that it does not skids while using. Company provides 1 year warranty on this product.


  • Saves electricity
  • Pan sensor technology Manual setting to customize cooking
  • 10 Amp Plug with earthing for safety
  • Extra long cord. Flexible power cord of 1.2 meter length
  • 5 preset menu options
  • Warranty: 1 year on product

7. V-Guard VIC-07 Induction Cooktop

This brand promises to provide a good user experience. Their purpose is to provide smart solutions to their consumers and to better understand of what a consumer need.

There is a soft switch control included in this product for smoother experience. The design of the product is fully convenient and durable. It’s an attractive product and can be cleaned very easily. The product also included many cooking modes like dosa, chapatti, idli, curry and milk.


  • Digital timer control
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Power indicator
  • 8 power level
  • Various cooking mode
  • 1 Year warranty

8. Lifelong Inferno LLIC20 Induction Cooktop

Company claims to produce high quality products and it creates as per the requirement of consumers.

This product only needs 1400 watt electricity and turns on power savings mode automatically. The pan sensor technique of this product enables to turn on the induction only after set the vessel properly. It contains 7 preset menus. It’s a very economical product which makes your kitchen look beautiful.


  • 7 preset menus with additional manual control
  • Auto switch to power saving mode
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Safety sensor for protection against voltage fluctuation
  • Anti skid feet
  • Pan sensor technology

9. iBELL Induction Cooktop 2000 W

iBell is a brand who understand the need of a customer and makes product accordingly. The brand especially looks after the quality more than anything else.

This product included automatic voltage regulators which makes it durable. The food can be cooked with low energy and in less time. Also it shuts off automatically after the use.


  • Induction cooktop with press button control and High quality crystal glass
  • Super wide voltage adaptability and with multi functions
  • Auto shutoff safety protection and Overheat protection
  • High quality coils
  • Warranty : 1 Year standard + 1 Year additional on free registration

Pros & Cons of using Induction Cooktop

  • Time Saving: With compare to gas stove, the food cooks faster on Induction Cooktop, because the heat goes directly to the vessel. Owing to this, it prepare in a very little time.
  • Persistent and Delightful Taste: You may cook the food according your requirement. Therefore, the quantity doesn’t increase or decreased.
  • Easy Cleaning: You may control the temperature of Induction and hence the chances of overcook of the food are very less. Also you may clean the Induction soon after cooking the food, because the cooktop doesn’t get hot.
  • No Energy Waste: You may place vessel exactly on a part on Induction, where it gets hot. As a result, it saves plenty of energy.
  • Cost of Induction Stove: Some of Induction cooktop priced higher and therefore some people cannot afford to buy it. However, you may also find some low price inductions in a good quality.
  • Cookware: You will need induction friendly cookware to use on cooktop, because you cannot use normal vessel on it.

What is Induction Cooktop and how it works?

With the help of induction cooktop, you can cook the foods without having gas. It contains vessels, which gets hotter to cook the food. When the induction cooktop turned on, it produces electromagnetic field, which leads the vessels to get hot. It increases the temperature quickly of induction cooktop, but the surface doesn’t get hot. If you don’t want gas or electric burner, then induction cooktop is the best option.

While searching for Best Induction Cooktop in India, you also need to know some of the mechanism of this product. Under the induction cooktop, there is a copper coil which produces the electric current. When the current passes through this electromagnetic field, the induction cooktop becomes hot. It doesn’t produce flames and therefore the kitchen does not get hot.


If you are planning to buy an Induction Cooktop, then it’s a good option, but before buying the same, you have to consider so many facts such as budget, material, durability etc. So we have tried to sort out this fact in our above article and we hope you might found this article very useful and helpful to you for choosing a right product for your kitchen. If you still have any query, please ask the same in the following comments section. Thanks for reading this article. Buy and take care.

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