Electric Kitchen Chimney and its Features

A kitchen looks incomplete if there is no electric kitchen chimney. It has become a part of an Indian kitchen setup due to its style and d├ęcor which makes it attractive. Because of its advanced technology the chimneys provide multiple beneficial purposes like LED lighting, soundproof which ensures that there is a minimal amount of noise, touch push buttons which gives the chimney the elegant look, Auto heat sensor which detects heat and oil particles and automatically switches it off and also absorbs heat, smoke, and dirt and keeps the air clean indoors.

Electric Kitchen Chimney


An ideal position of the kitchen chimney should be about 60 cm to90 cm above the level of the cooking stove. The size of the chimney should always be larger than the cooking stove so that the chimney absorbs the heat or the smoke effectively. If the chimney is smaller than the stove, then some fumes or the smoke escapes from the filter and spreads all over the kitchen.

Sizes of Chimneys

An electric kitchen chimney is an important tool for all those who love cooking. The filters in the chimney play an important role when it comes to purifying the air. The simple idea behind the chimney is to absorb the smoke and heat while cooking food. The kitchen chimney should be used either for the odor, heat, and smoke extraction outwards (ducted) or for filtering the air and re-circulating it within the same space (indoor) (ductless). An indoor recirculation is advisable when there is no scope for installation outside. A ducted chimney consists of a motor, filters, PVC pipes, and a whole ducting system. This whole system is normally placed above the stove to ensure proper ventilation. A ductless chimney has an addition of carbon filter which removes the odor.

Kitchen Chimney Functions


The chimney is washed by a lukewarm lather and well strained. If the chimney is used regularly then there is a high chance that the filter has absorbed a lot of dirt and particles. In that instance, it is advisable to clean the filters every month. If a chimney is not functioning properly then it is understood that there is built-up dirt. If the filters are not cleaned regularly then it can be dangerous and can cause a fire. Only carbon or charcoal filters can be replaced every six months.

Chimney Filter

With advanced technology, there are auto clean chimneys that require low maintenance. In auto clean chimneys there is a separate oil collector that collects the oil particles which are present while cooking. This detachable oil collector can be washed once a month.

Which is the ideal chimney/Filter for Indian Kitchen?

Baffle filters are the advanced filters that came from the mesh filters. This filter is suitable for the Indian kitchen as Indian cooking mostly consists of frying and grilling. The filter is of a curve shape and allows smoke to escape easily by separating the grease and oil. The Baffle Filter needs to be cleaned regularly as it absorbs a lot of oil and smoke. 

Best Electric Kitchen Chimney

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